These types of coffee were the highest priced in January

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) says the average export price for coffee in January was US$ 2.57 per kilo, 23 cents higher than US$ 2.34 per kilo realized in December 2021.

According to the January report, Robusta exports accounted for 78% of total exports, lower than 84% in December 2021.

The average Robusta price was US$ 2.12 per kilo, 9 cents higher than the previous month while Arabica fetched an average price of US$4.20 per kilo, 25 cents higher than in December 2021, according to the report.

The highest-priced type of coffee was Washed Robusta, which fetched $ 2.57 per kilo, a premium of 30 cents over conventional Screen 18.

Other top seller coffee types were sold as follows: Organic Robusta at an average price of US$ 2.32 per kilo, Mt. Elgon AA, AB and C/PB at US$6 per kilo, Mt. Elgon A+ at US$5.06 per kilo and Drug at US$3.94 per kilo.

In terms of volume, under Robusta coffee, Screen 15 was the most sold at 130,000 bags, while under Arabica Bugisu AB was the most sold at 13,810 bags.

Source: UCDA January 2022 report

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