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Uganda (December 2021):
According to Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), in December of 2021, 536,889 60-kilo bags of coffee valued at US$75.25 million were shipped. This is more than $71.09m earned from exporting 524,902 bags in November.


UCDA says 72% of the total volume was exported by 10 exporters out of 49 companies that sold coffee during the month compared to 80% in November.
The top exporting companies are Ugacof (U) Ltd (15.15%), Ideal Quality Commodities Ltd (10.74%), Kawacom (U) Ltd (8.17%), Olam Uganda Ltd (7.36%), Touton Uganda Limited (6.35%), Ibero (U) Ltd (5.73%), Louis Dreyfus Company (U) Ltd (5.62%), Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd (4.81%), Besmark Coffee Company Ltd (4.22%), and Export Trading Company (U) Ltd (4.00%).
The 49 companies shipped 452,55 bags of Robusta valued at $55.26m and 84,301 bags of Arabica valued at $19.99m.

Coffee types

 Uganda sold over 30 types of coffee in December, and the most exported were Drugar topping at 46.99%, followed by Screen 15 (46.48), Screen 12 (19.22), Bugisu AA (15.71), Screen 18 (15.05), Mt Elgon A+ (12.24), Screen 17 (7.08), BH1199 (6.87), Wugar (6.32) and Bugisu AB (6.01)


The top 10 coffee types with the most value are all under Arabica, with Bigusu A+ trading at $5.4/kg, Bugisu A ($5/kg), Mt Elgon A+ (4.97/kg), Bugisu AA ($4.66/kg), Wugar (4.49/Kg),Bugisu PB (4.34/kg), Bugisu AB ($4.27/kg), Sustnable Arabica FW Sipi Falls (4.13/kg), Organic Bugisu (4.04/kg) and Bugisu B (3.75/kg).

Countries of destination

According to UCDA, Italy maintained the highest market share with 37.11%, followed by Germany (17.38%), Sudan (5.99%), USA (4.68%), Spain (4.62%), India (4.61), Morocco (3.81), Algeria (3.64), Belgium (3.59) and Egypt (1.94).

Foreign buyers

To top ten Ugandan coffee foreign buyers held a market share of 67% of total exports, with Sucafina leading at (14.97%) followed by Ecom Agro Industrialist (9.10%), Olam International (7.90%), Touton Geneve (6.87%), Bernhard Rothfos (5.67%), Louis Dreyfus (5.62%), Altasheel Import and Export Enterprises (4.83%), Hamburg Coffee (4.66%), Volcafe (4.14%), and Aldwami Company (3.46%).


Global (December 2021; source:

In December 2021, coffee prices hit a new multi-year high as the monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price went past the 200 US cents/lb mark, averaging 203.06 US cents/lb.
This was an increase of 4.0% as compared to 195.17 US cents/lb in November.
The highest increase occurred in the Brazilian Naturals Group indicator price, which reached 230.26 US cents/lb, an increase of 5.2% as compared to 218.90 US cents/lb registered in the previous month.
The price for the Colombian Milds rose by 3.9% to 290.57 US cents/lb in December as compared to 279.56 US cents/lb in November. 
Robustas, priced at 112.76 US cents/lb in December, showed the lowest growth of all groups, increasing by 3.1% in the past month.
The differential between the Colombian Milds and Robustas increased by 4.5%, from 170.16 cents/lb in November 2021 to 177.81 US cents/lb in December 2021.
The arbitrage between Arabica and Robusta coffees increased by 5.1% to 130.00 US cents/lb in December 2021, as compared with 123.64 US cents/lb in November 2021.
Exports of all forms of coffee in November 2021 declined by 12.4% to 9.25 million 60-kg bags from 10.56 million bags in November 2020.
Experts say this was driven by South America, down 28.0%, outweighing the 17.6% and 29.4% increases seen in Asia & Oceania and Central America & Mexico, respectively. Brazil was the main factor in the steep fall in the November exports from South America, suffering from a 33.9% decrease.


African exports declined by 1.8% to 2.05 million bags in November 2021 as compared to 2.09 million bags in the same period in 2020.
Kenyan exports, which decreased by 49.7% and Côte d’Ivoire, which was a decline of 34.1% — were the two main drivers of the fall, outweighing the 17.8% increase by Tanzania, which had exported 1.01 million bags in the first two month of the current coffee year as compared to 0.86 million bags shipped over the same period in 2020/21.

Exports by coffee group

In terms of exports by groups of coffee, Arabica suffered from a 20.8% fall in November 2021, dropping down to 5.72 million bags from 7.22 million bags in November 2020 whereas Robusta exports were 3.53 million bags.
Combined certified stocks in London and New York have fallen for seven consecutive months to December 2021, down 31.5% to 3.33 million bags from 4.86 million bags in June 2021.
The steepest drop was recorded by the Brazilian Naturals, down from 4.62 million bags in November 2020 to 2.94 million bags in November 2021, followed by the Colombian Milds, which dropped to 1.25 million bags from 1.38 million bags, a 8.8% fall. 
The Other Milds and Robustas, on the other hand, saw 23.9% and 5.7%, respectively, increases in November. As a result, the export of Arabica in the first two months of coffee year 2021/22 is 11.83 million bags and 7.04 million bags for Robustas
Exports of green coffee reached 16.71 million bags in the two months of the coffee year 2021/22, a decrease of 10.6% as compared to 18.70 million bags for the same period in coffee year 2020/21.

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