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Farm Tourism

Adventure: Uganda has some of the largest and best coffee farms in the world. We are here to walk you through the process coffee goes through until it’s poured into your cup.

You’ll learn how farms are evolving from traditional to modern ways of planting, processing, and consuming coffee.

Coffee is predominantly grown in three regions in Uganda and these regions host different cultures which approach coffee consumption and growth differently.

Some activities to look out for include coffee brewing lessons, cooking lessons, and workshops on making traditional handicrafts.

Opportunities: Some farms have on-site cafés, where you can buy souvenirs and drink their coffee after seeing how it was grown.

Then there are the farms with their own lodging facilities to accommodate those who want to stay for a much longer period and can get involved in every stage of coffee and processing.

A well-run farm hotel or tour system can be an additional form of income and we’re helping farmers tap into this market.

The growth of these activities implies more jobs in the coffee and hospitality sectors.

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